Augmented Intelligence:
AI-Powered Content Ingestion Device [ACID™] (2023)
While Generative AI is relishing it's day in the virtual sun, now is the time to peer over the event horizon to see the next big thing: AI-powered edification! Stay ahead of the gradient by reading months of media content in just minutes. Find more time for joy wherever you are for less than the price of a latte a day.

Extended Reality (XR):
Eye-cicle Tats (2022)
An AR filter created to explore the relationship between the mediation of the camera in relation to the user’s human expressions. Created with Spark AR for Instagram.

Blursday.Zone (2021)
An art-technology project, including a series of 360° spherical films, that addresses a sense of estrangement arising from the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic's massive disruptions.

Web Fictions:
Ferriday.Zone (2023)
Styled as a form of multi-media poetry with interactive and AR components, Ferriday.Zone evokes a sense of simultaneous displacement and familiarity. The user is challenged to explore combinations of newsprint-images, quizzical aphorisms, and investigations into affective computing. Both comedic and tragic, the experience entices users into a perspective that is 'out of time' by invoking and questioning their memory and imagination in order to induce an awareness of the dehabitualized now.

Redplanet.Home (2019)
Can our human liberty be unshackled from the bonds of this Earthly domain? Explore the emancipatory possibilities of the fragmented self to find out!

Video Games:
Space Invasion 1917 (2020)
It's 1917 and marauding space alien drones from another solar system are invading!

The Last Rocket Pilot (2020)
All of our hope is locked and loaded aboard the only working rocket ship left in our world.

State Craft (2016)
Challenging the mutability of U.S. foundational documents, State Craft encourages the user to reconsider the textual basis of constitutional democracy. Originally presented in 2016 as an installation complete with a vintage dot-matrix printer to create a paper take-away for the user.

Motion Imaging:
Phantom Limbs (2015)
I composited scans from MRI DICOM files into a 3D object that I then animated to create this exposition of inner space. Set to music by St. Kilda. Winner of the Best Experimental Film Award at the Oaxaca Film Festival.