Web Fictions:
These websites are designed to support fictional stories that I am developing through the combination of filmmaking, writing and web-development/programing. All are works-in-progress.
"Leave the Watching to the Watched" is a theme of this entryway into a borderland environment (quote adapted from Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon Writings ). To be further developed to include more interactive components.

Can our human liberty be unshackled from the bonds of this Earthly domain? Explore the emancipatory possibilities of the fragmented self to find out!

Emotionally Intelligent Artifice
A satire exploring how you feel about how a computer feels about you. (Particularly relevant in light of the New York University AI Now Institute's recent annual report pointing out that there's little scientific basis to emotion recognition technology.)

State Craft
Challenging the mutability of U.S. foundational documents, State Craft encourages the user to reconsider the textual basis of constitutional democracy. Originally presented in 2016 as an installation complete with a vintage dot-matrix printer to create a paper take-away for the user.

Motion Imaging:
Examples of films I've made using creative technologies.

Phantom Limbs
I composited scans from MRI DICOM files into a 3D object that I then animated to create this exposition of inner space. Set to music by St. Kilda. Winner of the Best Experimental Film Award at the 2015 Oaxaca FilmFest.

Work in Progress 360 Video
"It's all around. All around you now. Hard to tell, though. Hardly started maybe. But time is moving; that sure right? Time. Time to move along the way. Look around. Maybe there's more..." Coming Soon!